Android Auto Overview

When you get a new car, you may be surprised by some of the technology that comes standard in the latest vehicles. For example, your car may come with an infotainment system that has Android Auto. You can enjoy Google Play Music and other music streaming apps. You can safely text and make calls just by commanding your phone with your voice. In addition, Android Auto connects instantly to your car so that you can make phones, dictate texts, and set reminders.

Android Auto started in 2015 with Google. The tech company created Android Auto to make it safer for drivers to drive without distractions. With Android Auto, you can use your car’s display to access other apps on your phone, and you can call contacts while keeping your hands on the wheel. You can also connect to Google Assistant to get directions, search restaurants, or find other information.

You can test drive a new car with Android Auto at Underriner Volvo Cars. You can schedule an appointment online.



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