The Volvo S60: A Car That's Catered to You

Do you want a car that's capable of adapting to your changing needs? Swing by Underriner Volvo Cars and take a look at the new Volvo S60. This popular luxury compact sedan has a couple of customizable driving features that let you travel your way.

The first is the steering system. Drivers in Billings can adjust how sensitive the steering system is. The three available modes are distinct and can change the overall feel of the steering wheel. All of this is done on the center display. You can choose between low, medium, or high sensitivity levels. Once set, the adjustments will be felt at any speed.

There are also multiple driving modes available. The separate modes have fine-tuned settings for the transmission, engine, and air suspension with applicable models. You can switch between Comfort, Eco, Dynamic, and Individual modes. If you have an S60 with all-wheel-drive, there will be an Off-road mode as well.



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