Heavy rainstorms are an unfortunate fact of life, and it’s critical that you know how to travel safely in one whether you drive regularly, or you infrequently find yourself behind the wheel. The staff of Underriner Volvo Cars in Billings, MT is standing by to act as your wet-weather driving partners by providing a host of automotive services and tips to help you prepare for driving in the heaviest of rainfall.

Slowing down and increasing the space between you and other vehicles on the road will provide additional reaction time for you to avoid potential hazards. You should also be familiar with how to correctly steer and brake to avoid running off the road if you find that your vehicle is beginning to skid.

Before any trip where heavy rain is a possibility, you should take a minute to check your vehicle’s wiper blades for wear and test the front and rear lighting. The condition and pressure level of your tires also shouldn’t be overlooked.

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